New Zealand (so far) at Night

I've been in New Zealand now for 5 months (God where does the time go?!) And even know I have only explored Wellington and the surrounding areas I can safely say I LOVE THIS CITY.

I met Mark at a waitressing shift I was working at back in November. He was the event photographer of the night and in a bid to get back into creative work I walked over to him and asked if he was on in need of any assistants, and thank god he was!

So since that evening he has brought me on a number of his client jobs to assist.  I have assited at a wedding, a conference (which involved an awesome day trip to weta digital) a graduation, a model shoot and two sporting events. I am so glad I went over to him that evening as I would never have got to all these cool events and see all these new parts of town! I've learnt so much since working with him too, so thanks again Mark for taking me on!

I work a bit backwards (I blame my left handedness!) so was going to skip the event images for another blog post and mention the night images we have been doing. Being a night owl myself, night photography has been something I've been dying to explore and learn for ages, so I requested Mark to teach me! I just think there's something so special and magical and still about places and towns after dark.

So here are some of the images we have captured so far in and around Wellington.

Light house by Shelly Bay, Wellington



Brooklyn Shops, Brooklyn Wellington.

Moa Point, Breaker Bay, Wellington